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We Professionally Clear Your Property

Any Clearance is a local professional premium home services company delivering house clearance and removal services.  Our No Contact Clearance Service enables us to give you an estimate and remove any unwanted items from your property or grounds without direct contact, ensuring we keep you, your family, friends and work colleagues safe.  

Where it all started

Any Clearance originated as a garden maintenance company where a great many customers wanted us to remove their green waste.  Though we were happy to do this it was taking us away from our core business and we had to rely on third party waste removal companies to help us do this.  Some of these companies were good, but since many of them were very small, they came and went, and reliability became an issue along with rumours that some companies were burning rather than disposing of things properly.

At this time Mark had returned from university and with Claire decided to start a professional home services company delivering environmentally friendly clearance and removal services under the name of  Any Clearance.

Where we are now

Since this time we have gone from strength to strength and our services are now employed by councils, housing associations, government agencies, businesses and residential customers across the region. We believe by focussing on the customer and the environment, while leveraging technology and forming an exceptional team, we have been able to better plan and deliver quality services that meet our customers needs and set us apart from the many.

We're in the business of helping others

Core to our values is delivering peace of mind.  We do this by focussing on our customers and offering the best experience possible while choosing the environmental option where we can.  Our reviews are proving that we are succeeding, however, we are always looking to improve.

Delivering Peace of Mind

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Meet our team

Meet the team - Claire


Claire heads up customer services, HR and recycling. Being a people person she is always helping customers understand their options, how they can self estimate their waste or how we can support their business operations long term. She also overseas our customer bookings and is often making sure our team is OK and has a cup of tea where needed. 

As a keen gardener, she is often found outside admiring the shrubs and flowers around our office in her spare time.

Meet the team - Mark


Mark overseas the day to day running of our business and reports to the directorate. With a hands on approach and an operational mind, he often doubles up as a crew leader where needed. He has an HND in Business Management, is a qualified project and portfolio manager and, is also an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Waste Management (CIWM).

He tends to get involved in ‘everything’, talks a lot and, is a stickler for quality and time keeping. ​

house clearance staff


Brett works as a member of our mobile crews.  He has lots of experience in planning, logistics, customer service and sales. He’s even spent some time hanging around with the Formula 1 crew.

Never slow coming forward, with a huge tank of energy and lots to say, you can always rely on him to get the job done.  He even has his own dance shuffle!


Will works with us in our mobile crews.  He has a wealth of experience in facilities management, ground works and countryside stewardship.  He is also a dab hand on the tools where needed.  Because of this experience he is also responsible for the management and upkeep of our tools and equipment.

With an interest in geology, history, sci-fi and probably astrology too, we don’t know where he finds the time.

house clearance customer service staff


Adelaide works in our customer services team.  She is one of the first people customers speak to and is bubbly and full of life.  Eager to please with a matter of fact approach to life, she is pure pleasure to have around.

Adelaide likes to spend her time with friends, family and her car.  It seems more with her car than anything else.  She ‘really’ loves her car.


Jim works in our mobile crews as crew assist.  He is dependable, hardworking and digs deep when the going gets tough.  Jim is a real go getter and, when he sets his mind to something, he normally gets it done.

A cool cat, with a bit of swagger to boot, he is a pleasure to have on our team, even if he does seem to have a natural affliction to caps.

Meet the team - Max


Max works with us part time either helping out with the mobile crews or back at depot with other tasks as needed.  He does this between the site work contracts he carries out across the County.

Max is enjoying his time with us, however, in time is keen to join the Army and we wish him the best of luck.

Looking for a new challenge? 

Our process

Call 01934744700 to tell us how we can help, or complete our online enquiry form and we’ll review your enquiry and give you a call with an estimate and our availability.

You will get an email reminder the day before and a text reminder on the morning of your booking.

We’ll let you know when we are on the way.  On arrival we will firm up the price for you, take payment, then clear your waste and sweep up. 

Once you have inspected to make sure you are happy, we will email you directly from site your waste transfer note, invoice showing paid, and any before and after photos.

Our commitment

We operate across Bristol, Bath, Taunton and the remainder of the Somerset region, so are able to offer you a national level of quality service, locally.

We know good service is important to you, so all our vehicle crews are professional trained and DBS checked for your peace of mind.

We care about the environment, so look to donate or recycle as much of your waste as possible to direct away from landfill on your behalf.  (Read More)

With so many happy customers, we could rest on our laurels. But we are committed to reviewing and improving what we do to make your experience even better. 

Environment Agency Waste Carrier

When we set up this business, we wanted to make sure we were a force for good. We chose not to compete on price, but to offer exceptional service with an environmental focus and to seek out customers and suppliers with the same values. 

Customer loyalty programme

We offer a 5% discount for all residential customers who choose to use us again within a year!

(Any Clearance reserve the right to change this loyalty discount programme at any time)

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