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When we set up this business, we wanted to make sure we were a force for good. We chose not to compete on price, but to offer exceptional service with an environmental focus and to seek out customers and suppliers with the same values.  Below are a few ways in which we are trying to fulfil this vision.


We recycle and donate junk and rubbish removal items where possible to minimise the overall impact on landfill and give back to the local community on our customers’ behalf.   We also work with Material Recovery Facilities, Recycling Centres and other organisations with a focus toward re-using or recycling waste.  Where we are not able to recycle rubbish removal items as they are, we look to dispose of them in their material forms. Some examples of how are chosen suppliers are doing this are:

  • Green waste is being mulched down into compost.
  • Clean timber is being chipped and used for pathways and to make chipboard products.
  • Hardcore is being crushed and then re-used in roads and other hard standing areas.
  • Metals are being re-used to make new objects.
  • Glass is melted down and used in the creation of decorative pebbles for outside areas.
  • Clothing is sold by charities to provide much needed funding and some are being sent to poorer countries

The idea is to do all that we can within economic limitations to minimise our impact on landfill.


We donate to local and national charities where appropriate, though some items such as soft furnishings without fireproof labels cannot be passed on in this way.

*Due to the pandemic, many charity depots are presently unable to take further donations


We’re paperless

We have opted for a paperless office.  All our systems are cloud based and accessible by all staff wherever they are, so there is very limited need for paper.  

We reuse

Our office is largely fitted out with furniture that we have recovered from rubbish removal jobs.  It means things are a little eclectic, but it all works just fine. 

Renewable energy

We have chosen a energy supplier that supplies us with 100% renewable electricity and carbon offsets our gas use.

We aim to achieve a 90% recycling rate for our waste and make every effort to do so.  Though we are well on our way, we are still largely governed by the recycling rates of our suppliers as we do not control the entire supply chain.  It is however encouraging that there are a number of energy recovery facilities in Exeter, Avonmouth and Cardiff, to name but a few.  These facilities convert waste to energy, further reducing our impact on landfill.

Other ideas

We have already considered electric vans.  Unfortunately right now, the technology does not allow for the mileage, however we are keeping an eye on hydrogen.

We will in time be looking to do more carbon offsetting and, if we can make it work, it would be great if we could eventually go carbon neutral.  Now that would be an achievement!

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We're in the business of helping others

Core to our values is delivering peace of mind.  We do this by focussing on our customers and offering the best experience possible while choosing the environmental option where we can.  Our reviews are proving that we are succeeding, however, we are always looking to improve.

Delivering Peace of Mind

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Waste Carriers Licence

Waste carrier Licence for environmental disposal

Public Liability

rubbish removal employers liability insurance

Our process

Call us or complete our online booking enquiry form to get an estimate and make a booking.  You will get a booking notification by email.

You will get an email reminder the day before and a text reminder on the morning of your booking.

We’ll let you know when we are on the way.  On arrival we will firm up the price for you, take payment, then clear your waste and sweep up. 

Once you have inspected to make sure you are happy, we will email you directly from site your waste transfer note, invoice showing paid, and any before and after photos.

Our commitment

We operate across Bristol, Bath, Taunton and the remainder of the Somerset region, so are able to offer you a national level of quality service, locally.

We know good service is important to you, so all our vehicle crews are professional trained and DBS checked for your peace of mind.

We care about the environment, so look to donate or recycle as much of your waste as possible to direct away from landfill on your behalf.  (Read More)

With so many happy customers, we could rest on our laurels. But we are committed to reviewing and improving what we do to make your experience even better. 

Environment Agency Waste Carrier

When we set up this business, we wanted to make sure we were a force for good. We chose not to compete on price, but to offer exceptional service with an environmental focus and to seek out customers and suppliers with the same values. 

Customer loyalty programme

We offer a 5% discount for all customers who choose to use us again within a year!

(Any Clearance reserve the right to change this loyalty discount programme at any time)

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