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Cellar Clearance

If your lucky enough to have one, cellars are a valuable extension to our property’s space. You can convert them into living space, use them as a utility room, or use them as a general storage area. However, like most areas that we don’t use all the time, they can often become a dumping ground for things we are keeping ‘just in case’ or, that we plan to clear out, but just not yet.

Because they are out of the way, keeping on top of your cellar space often ends up falling behind other life priorities. Then when you do finally get around to it, it is common to be surprised by just how much stuff you have accumulated.

The problem with clearing the cellar

Cellars are often dark and damp places, sometimes with challenging access and always with spiders, lots of spiders!

You may not have the time or, you find it physically challenging to clear items from your cellar.

Our Flexible cellar clearance solution

Whether you’re looking to reduce the unwanted items presently sitting in your cellar or, need everything taking out ready for that big house move. We can help you.

We price mainly on volume, and our professional and capable team will go into your cellar, assess the volume of cellar items you would like removed, then give you an all-inclusive price.

Once all requested items and rubbish has been removed from your cellar, our team will sweep up and get you to inspect their work. They will then send you a receipt with before and after photos by email before they leave your property.

Responsible disposal

We pride ourselves on ensuring that our cellar clearance service is reliable and flexible.  We donate and recycle all cellar rubbish removal items where possible, to minimise the impact on landfill and give back to the community on your behalf.

Delivering Peace of Mind

  • DBS checked vehicle crews
  • Digital invoicing
  • Digital waste transfer notes
  • Fully licensed & insured
  • 24/7 online booking
  • Email & text reminders
  • En route vehicle tracking
  • Before & after photos
  • Donating & recycling
  • Cheaper than skip hire

Loyalty Programme

We offer discount for repeat customers, up to a maximum of 15% off your next job’s price!  

Discounts offered

5% if you have used us before for 1 job

10% if you have used us before for 2 jobs

15% if you have used us before for 3 jobs

Terms & conditions

Present & previous job values must be £100 or more to qualify

There must be 3 months or less between each qualifying job

How to apply

When our team is on site, just tell them which discount you believe you qualify for this time.  We will carry out a quick check and then apply the appropriate discount to your present job’s price. Easy Peasy!

(Any Clearance reserve the right to change this loyalty discount programme at any time)

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