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Garage Clearance

What is excellent about garages is they give us somewhere to keep items that we don’t necessarily want to stay in the house. Garages are a superb place to put our chest freezer or noisy tumble dryer, so they remain accessible, but out of the way. However, all too often, we also use our garages to keep other items that we know we don’t need, but are keeping ‘just in case’.

Doing this can work, providing we keep things within moderation. However out of sight is out of mind, so it is relatively common for things to get out of hand, without us realising it.

The problem with clearing the Garage

If you have the time or the energy, keeping your garage clean and tidy is not too difficult. However, garages are large spaces; therefore if you haven’t had the time or the number of unwanted items you store there has crept up without you realising, it can often turn into a fairly big job to get your garage looking clean and tidy again

Our flexible garage clearance solution

Whether you’re looking to reduce the items in your garage that you no longer want or, need everything clearing out of the garage ready for that big house move.  We can help you.  We price mainly on volume, and our professional and capable team can clear your garage for you.

Once complete our team will sweep up if appropriate and have you check their work to make sure you are happy.  They will then send you a receipt plus before and after photos for your records.

Responsible disposal

We pride ourselves on ensuring that our loft clearance service is reliable and flexible.  We donate and recycle all loft rubbish removal items where possible, to minimise the impact on landfill and give back to the community on your behalf.

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