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Meet The Team

Mark posing in a tree

Mark owns the business and doubles up as a team leader. He has an HND in Business Management and is a qualified project and portfolio manager.

He tends to get involved in 'everything', talks a lot and, can be grumpy when his quality standards aren't met.


Tom is our other team leader. He has come into the business with some big ideas, and they seem to work (most of the time)! He also likes to talk and keeps Mark in check. But together they love nothing more than achieving a good days work.

Tom is keen on outdoor sports and coaches in a number of them. Tom is perfect for the business, not only is he environmentally focused, but he also deals with random things every day, just like us. Though he does have a weird habit of wearing bandanas.

Rubbish Removal
Tom getting the job done!
Garden clearance cut back
Jason making short work of some SERIOUS brambles

Jason is one of our team assists. He helps the team leaders to get the job done. He also does much of the job administration while the team leader is driving.

Jason is a happy soul, always laughing and eager to please, which is amazing since he spends most of his time having a personal crisis.


Ben is one of our team assists. He helps the team leaders get the job done. He also does some of the job administration when the team leader is driving.

Ben is young and full of energy and life, however you have to keep him fed, or his battery runs out.

Ben working in a light shower!


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