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Below is a list of our standard pricing

Fees Fee Type Description
£39.99 Call Out Fee This fee is applied once to each job, irrespective of the amount of waste.
£30 per m3 Mixed Waste This includes plastics, woods, metals, furniture, soft furnishings, toys and black bags.
£70 per m3 Heavy Waste This includes, bricks, blocks, tiles, plaster, render, rubble and plasterboard. Doe not include soil.
  • 1 x m3 of waste is approximately the same size as 3 washing machines. 
  • To estimate how many m3 of waste you have, count how many washing machines it would be, then divide by 3.
  • Heavy waste requires more labour and we are limited to how much we can carry in each load.  This results in more time and therefore cost per m3.
  • We need to charge extra for some items.  These are listed below.


Small domestic fridges/freezers (under counter)


Fluorescent tubes

Gas Bottles (empty)


Large domestic fridge/freezer (double height/width) £10

Car batteries or tyres


Below 10Kg


TVs and monitors


Food waste (bagged)


10 – 20Kg

 £100 Per m3 of rubble/soil mixed £175 Per m3 of glass


Above 20Kg


Per hour – for additional work (charged as up to 1 hour, up to 2 hours etc.) This is applicable where our vehicle has to park 20m or more from the rubbish.  For removal from a 3rd floor or above.  For any cutting/dismantling work e.g. trees/hedges/sheds/summerhouses.  

Out of hours fee – for work requested for completion outside of normal working hours (9 – 5, Mon – Fri)


Wasted journey / Aborted Removal fee
(where a job or removal is cancelled (for any reason) after we have arrived at the job premises on the booked or agreed date)

Things that cannot be picked up by two people

Hazardous items e.g. asbestos, toxic substances 

Chemicals or solvents

Liquid wastes e.g. paint, oil, petrol, diesel

Food waste (not bagged)

Bird droppings (Guano)

Large quantities of soil (more than 100 Kg)

Full gas bottles

Fire extinguishers

Example of costs

(For ‘mixed’ waste volumes only i.e. does not apply to heavy waste volumes)

Up to

2 m3 / 3 yd3


Or 6 washing machines,
or 12 dustbin bags,
or 3 seater sofa & arm chair
£ 99
  • Includes:
  • £39.99 call out fee
  • 240Kg weight limit
  • 20 mins load time

3 m3 / 4 yd3


Or 9 washing machines,
or 18 dustbin bags,
or 3 piece suite
£ 129
  • Includes:
  • £39.99 call out fee
  • 360Kg weight limit
  • 30 mins load time

5 m3 / 7 yd3


Or 15 washing machines,
or 30 dustbin bags
£ 189
  • Includes:
  • £39.99 call out fee
  • 600Kg weight limit
  • 50 mins load time

7 m3 / 9 yd3


Or 21 washing machines,
or 42 dustbin bags
£ 249
  • Includes:
  • £39.99 call out fee
  • 840Kg weight limit
  • 70 mins load time

12 m3 / 16 yd3


Or 36 washing machines,
or 72 dustbin bags
£ 399
  • Includes:
  • £39.99 call out fee
  • 1440Kg weight limit
  • 120 mins load time

Delivering Peace of Mind

  • DBS checked vehicle crews
  • Digital invoicing
  • Digital waste transfer notes
  • Fully licensed & insured
  • 24/7 online booking
  • Email & text reminders
  • En route vehicle tracking
  • Before & after photos
  • Donating & recycling
  • Cheaper than skip hire

Customer Loyalty Programme

We offer discount for repeat customers, up to a maximum of 15% off your next job’s price!  

Discounts offered

5% if you have used us before for 1 job

10% if you have used us before for 2 jobs

15% if you have used us before for 3 jobs

Terms & conditions

Applicable over a rolling one year period

How to apply

When our team is on site, just tell them which discount you believe you qualify for this time.  We will carry out a quick check and then apply the appropriate discount to your present job’s price. Easy Peasy!

(Any Clearance reserve the right to change this loyalty discount programme at any time)


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